Minggu, 15 Februari 2009

Dramatic Detail

Detail is very important to complete your total look, it can be a necklace or just a funky flower hair piece that's gonna sparks up your look!

Lucky "LOOK"

Called "my bestfriend's wedding" "Regina and Agan". They're finally married in their "early" age. Many quirky people celebrated their happiness with quirky ensembles. And for you..HERE THEY ARE...ENJOY!!!

Sabtu, 24 Januari 2009

Shines Like a Star

Hot Ping!!!

For those who have been dreaming to become a ☆, it's the perfect time :) Twinkled your phone or gadget with bedazzling and sparkly real swarovsky crystal by Twinkle Twinkle. Special order and customization are available to make yours more special. Don't wish upon a star, be one and be twinkled!!!

Twinkle - twinkle
Original products are only sold at Ivy. Plaza Senayan level 2 #275 c. Ph.5725337.
Email : shoptwinkletwinkle@gmail.com

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Kamis, 22 Januari 2009

Ted Gibson, my Mane Maven

Ping!!! me over

Hair is said to be the crown of a woman. I cannot agree more than this. My day is significantly determined if not all, partly by the condition of  my hair. When it's well styled, volumed and bounce naturally, I have 90% of my good day. When it throws it tantrums and become lifeless, limp and frizzy, I feel less empowered. In conclusion, my hair is my investment. Before I get down to any styling, I believe a good hair cut is the main foundation of all good hair. Therefore, I decided to cut it with someone who is capable and most importantly has cut hair of people whose hair style I adore. After researching, I decided to do it with Ted Gibson. The master behind Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway's hair , and a regular guest for Oprah's Talk Show. I like his work and his style is classic. I decided to visit him in his Salon in downtown New York. 

When I entered the staff was very welcoming. Ted himself greet me and ask me to put on the robe and chaperoned me to his desk. He is tall and buffed. He used tight pink polos that has his logo on it. He asked me what do I want to do with my hair. I told him I want to maintain the length and want to have volume and prefer blunt layers and hates razor cut. He listened to me carefully and then He gave me some suggestions, which includes cutting my bangs to make it more bouncy and also balance the proportion of the cut. He told me my previous hair cut needs to be restructured to suit my hair types. He promised me he will cut only 1 inches but my hair will appear longer and it will frame my high cheek bones better. And most importantly my hair will be voluminous and easier to style. Sound like a great deal for me. 

After consultation, Ted gave me a hair massage using serum under his label. After that, He shampooed my hair and began to give his magic cut. He painstakingly cut my hair precisely and gently for about 20 minutes. He then styled my hair , give it a nice blow with a large round brush. Voilaaa. The result is like what I have expected. My hair look fresh, classic, voluminous and doesn't look a bit shorter yet feels lighter and better. Ted kept his promise and I was purely satisfied. For USD $ 988 plus tips, It worth every penny. I know,  it's the price of a pair Christian Louboutin shoes plus dinner in a nice restaurant for two. But It didn't stop me from coming back to him again and again because for me shoes come second after hair. hehehe. 

Back in Jakarta, I get many compliments asking me where I cut my hair, even from strangers. Therefore, I think I should share this information. If you want to cut your hair with him, book in advance since He sometimes travel, and busy styling for magazine and TV shoots. 

184 fifth avenue second floor
New York, NY 10010
+1 212 633 6333

Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

Frutas de estacao


Assortment of tropical brazilian fruits consist of mangoes, papayas and pineapple. Brazillian mangoes are sweet with a little tangy flavour, the flesh is tropical orange and the flesh is redish green. The papayas are small like the size of small avocado, the texture is medium soft with smaller seeds compare to Indonesian papaya. The taste is similar to Hawaian papaya only with a lighter aroma. The pinaple is pale yellow with more solid texture and less flavour than Indonesian or californian pineapple. Pineapples are often made as juice to company brazillian meal. This fruit plate of the season is my dinner tonight as I have sinfuly indulge myself with a thick flourless chocolate cake and a piece of banana fritter during tea time. Hopefully eating this suculent and juicy fruits can help me balance my calorie intake today.
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Rock Chic

The Police, Montley Crue, Jon Jovi become the inspiration for this season rock star fever. Unleashing my inner rocker girl, I adapt the trend and blend it with my personal style. During my trip to Sao Paolo, I managed to purchase another 2 items, which are the worn out jeans by Diesel and a studded chain bag by Tufi Duek for Forum. Although I don't have the stage, at least I get the style and I'm gonna do it with a confidence of a rock star :) hehehe.


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Senin, 19 Januari 2009



Brazil phenomenal footwear label, Melissa teams up with British eccentric designer, Vivienne Westwood in creating footwear collection under the her more affordable line, Anglomania. Still using her Punk Couture signature style, Vivienne creates statement shoes in powerful colors and details such as heart shapes and her signature saturn logo create a special touch to the Melissa, whose trademark is her plastic rubber shoes collection.  Unfortunately my size is gone, however, I managed to get one for  my dear Ping!!!sister Dien a pair in grey with it's fetish red heart...